{RESTARTING} The Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. My bikini body challenge going pear shaped.

I feel like I owe you guys a little update. With my tails between my legs I have to tell you that I have not set foot into the gym or into my running shoes for over 2 weeks. I am feeling the WORST for it! You know those people who say that you’ll FIND TIME to work out if it’s important to you? Whilst I generally agree with that ‘philosophy’, it has to allow for a little bit of slack somewhere in …. Continue Reading

My birth story. The day our lives changed forever.


Exactly a year ago today we welcomed our little boy into the world. It’s taken a lot of thought about whether or not I should make public something that is so deeply personal. Hence why it has taken me an entire year to post this. My birth story. I’ve had this written and stowed away for quite some time because I did not ever want to forget a single second of the beautiful day that forever change our lives. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share something so personal on such a public platform. I have decided to share Jordan’s birth simply because I have LOVED reading other …. Continue Reading

A post Birthday post. Being grateful, big dreams and making it to ONE year!


Every year when my birthday comes around I take a long hard look at my life. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote  this post. I love to asses my achievements, my failures, my relationships, how I’ve achieved or not achieved my goals in the year gone by. Each year has its ups and downs but this year I really feel like I need a good old pat on the back. That’s okay, right?

This year has not been perfect but it’s also been my most perfect year on this …. Continue Reading

{REVEALED} My Zana banner design for the #zanabannercolab


My favourite home wear, lifestyle and interior decor brand Zana approached me a little while ago with an amazing idea for a collaboration. I did a post about it here. I am always game for a creative challenge and I’ve been SO excited to share this one with you all because I am so proud of it. Most of you will know the almost iconic Zana ‘YAY’ banner which hangs very boldly in the entrance hall of my home. I was tasked with designing my very own banner print. Nic and I are both creatives …. Continue Reading

Love Milo ceramics at Nap in Cape Quarter. Beautiful home wear inspired by nature.


Last week Melissa and I attended the launch of Love Milo’s botanical range at the Nap store in Cape Quarter. We were treated to delicious Hidden valley wines, freshly made soup with sprinkles of crispy bacon (which inspired last nights dinner) and beautifully presented finger foods. I am still dreaming about the coconut fudge and biscuit infused brownies. It was an evening of true indulgence.

I have always loved Nap in Cape Quarter, Cape Town. Nap’s gorgeous shop …. Continue Reading

{WEEK ONE} The Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. My bikini body challenge.


I am luckily enough to have never had a ‘weight’ problem. Good genes (thanks mom and dad) I guess? I am waiting for the day that this changes (age 30 they say?) because honest to goodness you should SEE the amount of junk that I eat. My diet is absolutely horrendous and I really should be somewhat overweight. For some reason I’m not, but I’m really not keen to know what my arteries look like. You see, there’s this thing called TOFI = Thin on the …. Continue Reading

{Moms of Twitter} Part 3.


I have enjoyed doing this series so much. The amount of love and amazing advice these ladies have to offer is priceless. Read part one of {Moms of Twitter} here and part two here. Thank you for your valuable and wonderful advice, ladies x

Sharon van Wyk
Twitter name: @SharonVW
Blog: www.theblessedbarrenness.co.za
Sharon has two beautiful daughters: Ava-Grace age 4, Hannah Faith age 1.


- I battled with PADS (Post Adoption Depression Syndrome, similar/same as PND) so my advice would be… if …. Continue Reading