{WEEK ONE} The Kayla Itsines Bikini body guide. My bikini body challenge.


I am luckily enough to have never had a ‘weight’ problem. Good genes (thanks mom and dad) I guess? I am waiting for the day that this changes (age 30 they say?) because honest to goodness you should SEE the amount of junk that I eat. My diet is absolutely horrendous and I really should be somewhat overweight. For some reason I’m not, but I’m really not keen to know what my arteries look like. You see, there’s this thing called TOFI = Thin on the …. Continue Reading

{Moms of Twitter} Part 3.


I have enjoyed doing this series so much. The amount of love and amazing advice these ladies have to offer is priceless. Read part one of {Moms of Twitter} here and part two here. Thank you for your valuable and wonderful advice, ladies x

Sharon van Wyk
Twitter name: @SharonVW
Blog: www.theblessedbarrenness.co.za
Sharon has two beautiful daughters: Ava-Grace age 4, Hannah Faith age 1.


- I battled with PADS (Post Adoption Depression Syndrome, similar/same as PND) so my advice would be… if …. Continue Reading

A sunny winters day in Cape Town & a few photographs of our little family.


We spent the whole of Sunday in the sunshine. It was such a wonderfully warm, crisp winters day in Cape Town. Chilly in the shade but glorious in the sun on the benches in the gardens. Jordan shrieked with excitement as he crawled after the guinea fowl, swung in the baby swings at De Waal park and walked around on the muddy grass. His nails were black with soil and his little knees were muddy and wet. My little baby is swiftly becoming a little BOY and time needs to slow …. Continue Reading

A creative & fun collaboration with Zana Products. #Zanabannercolab


I am SO excited about this project and couldn’t wait to share it with you. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Zana ’YAY!’ banner. It’s really one of my favourites and it hangs at the entrance of my home reminding me to smile. Have a look at the YAY! banner on the Zana website here. I am collaborating with Zana to create a new, fun, quirky, inspiring banner design which can be in whatever style I’d like, in one colour on …. Continue Reading

Our 10 month old Jordy. Baby routines & letting go a little bit for the sake of sanity.


In two months my (then) tiny 3.18KG bundle of newborn baby will be a ONE year old. It petrifies me that the time is flying so quickly. Life is just whizzing by and we barely get to stop and smell the roses. I remember being SO overwhelmed in those first few weeks that I barely knew the time or the day of the week. Life has somewhat become normal again, although it will never be as we knew it. It is so much better. We have our very own …. Continue Reading

{GIVEAWAY} Win a Spindel specialist laundry dryer. CLOSED.

It’s no secret that winter is upon us. With a baby in the house we have laundry coming out of our ears on a daily basis. Our homes end up looking like laundromats in winter leaving us with little to no space to move around the over loaded clothes horse, it’s not pretty. There is nothing worse than the smell of eventually dry, damp clothes which often result in having to wash them all over again. Laundry in …. Continue Reading

{Moms of Twitter} Part 2.


I am busy with a blog series at the moment called Moms of twitter. These wonderful ladies have helped me so much in my journey through motherhood thus far and I wanted to share a few of their pearls of wisdom with you all. Read {Moms of Twitter} part 1 here.

My beautiful friend Tracey put so much love, thought and energy into the advice that she’d like to share with you all that I thought I would do a dedicated post on her invaluable …. Continue Reading