A fun ‘Back to School’ DIY with Bostik.


I have teamed up with Bostik to do a fun little ‘Back to School’ DIY. I am so impressed with their new look and their huge range of products. Have a look here for a little bit more information on that and how you can WIN a R500 Bostik product hamper.

I have decided to do a little something involving glitter glue, cause it’s SO MUCH FUN! Glitter glue also takes me straight back to my school days. I wanted to do something that reminded me of those times and the kind of thing that I would have wanted back then to keep all my goodies organised. Having said that, I am totally going to be using this nifty stationary jar in my office at home!

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{WIN} A JD Bug balance bike and a ‘Jake the Pirate’ ship from Toy Kingdom worth R1,500.


I am SO excited to share this giveaway with you. We got Jordan a JD balance bike AND a Fisher Price Jake the Pirate ship for Christmas and he seriously loves them both. I am a huge fan of balance bikes over a bike with training wheels, or ‘fairy wheels’ as we used to call them when I was little. The balance bike allows children to develop their balancing and steering skills rather from day one rather than just focussing on the pedalling aspect of a bike with training wheels. This focus on balance and coordination from day one will enable kids to ride a regular pedal bike sooner than later. The JD bug balance bike doesn’t come with pedals but you are able to buy the pedal attachment for when your child is ready to transition to this next phase. LOVE this. The JD Bug balance bike is only 3.35KG of allow frame, 12″ air wheels with drum type  and very soft handles.

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{WIN} A R500 ‘Back to School’ hamper from Bostik! Closed.


Bostik have recently re-branded their entire product range. I love a good rebrand, there is nothing better than fresh new look. Bostik’s tag line ’Don’t just stick it. Bostik it’ is a household phrase in South Africa, with over 50 years of great quality product. I cannot remember a single back to school pencil bag of mine that didn’t include bostik items.

The Bostik range consists of more than 60 products which include everything from glitter to Prestik, glue sticks, wax twister crayons, rainbow twisters, clear self adhesive glue tubes, rolls of tape, glue dots and more. Bostik have introduced a cute little ‘Gary the Gecko’ mascot to their branding, calling their product ‘smart adhesives’. Gecko’s are renowned for their remarkable bonding abilities that allow them to cling to just about every surface.

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Beautiful leather baby bags in South Africa. #SupportLocal


When chatting to friends and moms to be, one of the most common things I hear is about the struggle to find the perfect nappy bag. Most baby bags on the market are designed for kids, with Winnie the Pooh or similar plastered all over them. The way I see it, the nappy bag is for mom, not for baby. Mom is the one who has to carry it around wherever she goes. I didn’t even bother with a handbag for the first year of Jordan’s life as I always had SO much to trek around with me. Sporting a nice looking, functional bag is very important to me.

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Plans for our new Bathroom & a bit of inspiration.


Since we moved in, our avo bathroom has been on top of the list of ‘things to tackle’. As bathroom are incredibly pricey to renovate, we decided it would have to wait a while as he put in a brand new kitchen, new floors, re-did the ceilings, installed pool fences, new grass, painted walls inside, painted the whole exterior or the house, and the list goes on. Crisis having a house is a lot of work but it’s so much fun recreating spaces to be what you have always dreamed of.

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Earth friendly & educational kids bath products.


I have always found it incredibly important to educate children about environmental awareness from a young age. This way they really LIVE it. If you implement eco friendly ideals in your home, your children will mimic and hopefully grow up doing the same. One can only hope. We started when Jords was a mere 2/3 months old by switching over the Fancy Pants reusable nappies. It was the best decision we ever made. We have not only saved money but we are doing our bit to save the planet. We are have a weekly recycling service in our area that collects your paper, plastic, glass and tins of the same day as your garbage. We don’t claim to be ambassadors on environmental awareness but I will certainly choose an earth friendly product over a regular one. Any day.

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{DIY} Easy Christmas decoration DIY to do with kids.

IMG_7371 copy

I have seen the cutest Christmas DIY’s floating around Pinterest, including this one. Let’s be honest – with a two-year old, this is about as complex as it get’s in terms of DIY-ing together. Usually the parent ends up doing the whole DIY but Jordan was pretty into this one. I thought I would share as it’s simple, easy and fun.

The plan is to make a Christmas decoration with the kids every year as a keep sake. One day they’ll be too old to want to because it won’t be cool anymore. But hopefully by then we will have a tree filled with beautiful hand-made memories from over the years. Remember this one? It was one of my favourites and it’s just SO lovely if it’s your baby’s first Christmas.

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