Moving house and how it has affected our toddler.


We have finally moved into our new house. The transfers have gone through and the first chapter of our new beginning has now started. We couldn’t be more grateful for our lovely sunny new home, our garden, our pool and all the space Jordan and Banjoe finally have to run around. Most of all I am just happy that the renovations are over. After loosing money to dishonest builders and all the dust, I am DONE. We are so happy with how …. Continue Reading

Precious Jordan, home renovations & a few happy snaps.

Life is just flying by. Between home renovations, wrapping my head around moving, packing and all that goes with that, I have barely had a chance to think, let alone log into my blog to share any of it with you all.

Renovations are in full swing. We have had gardeners and landscapers here almost everyday sorting out was used to look like a literal rubbish dump. We’ve had a guy and his trusty bakkie do about 6 FULL loads of rubbish that has been …. Continue Reading

Thank you Dad.


Dear Dad,

I tell you from time to time but just to make sure we are on the same page – you know you are the BEST Dad I could possibly have asked for and I love you SO much, right?

I have been doing some thinking lately, about where I am in my life. About the good and bad financial decisions I’ve made, the steps I’ve taken to fix things, about the little family I now have in Nic, Jordan and Banjoe and about …. Continue Reading

New beginnings, exciting projects & a whole lot of gratitude. We have a new HOME!


This year has started off with SUCH a bang. Things need to slow down otherwise I might just burn out by June. Yikes. In the beginning of the year we had no idea we’d be where we are right now. As we all know, when an amazing opportunity comes your way, you jump right? We have been thinking about selling our home for a while now. It’s been a never-ending conversation with many visits to various property websites in …. Continue Reading

Child friendly restaurant in Cape Town? Thornton Whites has it ALL! WIN dinner for 6 people! {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}


On Friday night we discovered a BIG hidden gem in town. I am *so* glad we did as we love our food and are constantly on the hunt for something delicious to eat. Thornton Whites is situated on the Foreshore in Cape Town, in Hans Strijdom avenue next to Col’Cocchios. There is very safe parking behind a boom that will cost you R5 for the entire evening.. we all know the nightmare it is parking in town so this was a real treat.

The gorgeous bar area at Thornton Whites immediately …. Continue Reading

Merry 2015 & a few pictures from our festive season x


Yes yes.. it’s been incredibly quiet over here and I do apologise. With the madness of my trip to Egypt with Jordan in October, wrapping up the work year and the christmas rush.. it’s been busy to say the least. To be frank, I also haven’t had much to say. I don’t believe in posting for the sake of being ‘current’ on here. I only ever really want to post when I have something valuable to say. But here I am, as ready as I will ever be for …. Continue Reading

{REVIEW} Deryan – easy, small and convenient camp cots.


I just love reviewing products that I find so darn helpful. I love sharing what makes my life easier as a mom as I know there is not one mom on earth that doesn’t wish that things could be a little easier.

Nic and I are very social and we go out often to braais, lunches, we visit family and friends and we love to travel, even if it’s simply away for a weekend. We really want Jordan to experience all of this too and try our best not to let the admin of having a toddler get in the way of …. Continue Reading