Nestling are coming to Cape Town!


My favourite photographers and most lovely friends Natasha and Carmen, the girls behind Nestling Photography are coming to Cape Town! I am SO excited to see you girls and we cannot wait to do a shoot with you again and to capture special family moments behind your cameras.

Nestling came to Cape Town last year and we were very privileged enough to do a family photo shoot in the woods with the girls. It was the best experience I have ever had in front of a camera. Natasha and Carmen are so warm and loving, so encouraging and they made us all feel SO comfortable. In fact, we hardly even know they were there.. sneaky girls behind the trees. We landed up with the most gorgeous, natural and beautifully lit photographs. I was (and still am) completely blown away. See our beautiful photo’s here.

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Jordan’s Jungle – a big 2nd Birthday celebration for a very special little boy.


Jordan has such a wonderful birthday. I won’t even dwell on the fact that I can’t believe he is TWO already. WHAT?

All our wonderful friends and family came to spend the morning with us, celebration our Jordan. We REALLY missed our family that weren’t able to make it due to oceans between us.

We had such a wonderful day on his actual birthday, the 21st August. It was still dark when our day started, obviously. Nic and I sang a very big happy birthday to Jordy whilst we walked him through to the lounge where his pile of prezzies were and a cupcake with 2 candles in which lit up the room. I have never seen a bigger smile on Jordan’s face. We had been doing a Birthday count down all week and he is such a wonderful age in the sense that we totally understood it was HIS special day. He loved all of his prezzies and he got very spoilt by our family and friends. Thank you so much everyone.

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A little bit of BIG news.


We have some news..


Having been a bit slow on the announcement this time around, here you have it friends..  WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

I am 13 odd weeks pregnant. If you’d asked me the last time I was pregnant I would have known to the hour how pregnant I was. Ask me now and I’ll have to check my app. True story. I am loving this second pregnancy so far. I have been so much more relaxed knowing what to expect, sort of. We’ve been there. We’ve got this. Right?

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Dear Jordan, on your 2nd Birthday.


My Dear Jordan Boy.

I cannot believe we are here already. Maybe in the grand scheme of life, two isn’t that advanced, but for mommy, it really is. STOP growing already. It feels like just yesterday when I held you in my arms for the very first time, the whole 3.2kg of you, tears streaming down my cheeks, completely overcome by love and emotion. You finally arrived for keeps, you changed our life, our world.

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Another year bites the dust.


Guys. Where is this year disappearing to? On Friday it was my 29th Birthday. HOORAH. It feels like yesterday since my last birthday. Actually, it feels like yesterday since my birthday 2 years ago, the week before Jordan was born, when I was heavily pregnant shovelling pizza at Obs cafe. Where. is. this. life. disappearing. to? Never the less, I had amazing day.

Let’s have a little catch up, shall we?

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Passenger – Scare away the dark. Be inspired.



It’s Friday night, I am home. Alone. Working. Jordan is asleep. Nic is in Grahamstown for ten days and he owes me a weekend away, by myself. With multiple massages and cocktails on delivery. But that is not what this post is about.

Whilst working, I am listening to one of my all time favourite bands, Passenger. Well he’s more of a one man band really but I can’t get enough of his music. It just speaks to me.

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On being a stay at home, working, Mom.


Things have been so crazy lately. Life. I’m sure you have noticed by the crickets hanging around on my blog lately, that I just haven’t had a chance to write. I feel like I am being pulled in every direction, I have to be a little bit of everything; A mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, a cook, a cleaner, a calendar, a coordinator, a home maker.. This is what moms are, right?

Jordan is approaching two and I am struggling to wrap my head around that to be honest!? How has it been nearly two years since he joined our family and our lives? Nearly 3 years since we found out we were going to be parents! I can almost not imagine what life was like without Jordy in it.  Some days I long for some peace and quiet without the sound of plastic motorbikes, water being spat onto the floor (after being told a million times to not do it), moaning for this or that, sounding like a broken radio “STOP eating the play dough!!”. I long for a moment of peace to simply write a blog post or paint my nails. Right now, as I type this, an inflated whoopee cushion has just been placed on my head and Jordan has just spat a mouthful of water on my lounge table.. Again. I sometimes worry about his hearing. Not really. He’s just testing me, I know this. Life seems like one constant test because I KNOW that he understands me. I’m also feeling a little bit (VERY) tired and overwhelmed with the fact that Nic is going away for 10 days and I will have to deal with this firecracker boy on my own for that amount of time. It’s been non stop with Nic and Gareth practising for their Grahamstown festival live show every single night for the past few weeks. I feel like we are just passing one another.. we haven’t been on a date night for months. Of course its taxing on our relationship but this too, shall pass. It has to.

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