Around the world with DUPLO.


We are such HUGE Lego fans. in this house What a legendary product. A part of my child hood for sure. My brother and I collected Lego together and strangely enough, we watch a home video the other day of Nic and his brother opening birthday gifts and when the one had a particular set, the other would always get the complimenting set for his Birthday so they could play together. Lego and Duplo have brought hours of fun to children and adults all over the world. Nic is still very much into his Lego, on a mission to collect every bit of Simpsons Lego paraphernalia there is to collect. He is currently working on building the Simpsons house and has the Kwik-E-Mart on the top of the list for his next project. It’s taken him much longer than expected because…kids. But he find it so therapeutic after a stressful day.

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Happy 12 weeks Micah baby.


How did we get here? You are 12 weeks old already. It’s been so great to be honest.. and for some reason I feel guilty saying that. Probably because of societies stereotype on becoming a mom and especially becoming a mom to more than one child. It can’t be manageable, you must struggle and surely you stay in your pyjamas every day and don’t wash your hair for weeks. Of course we have had rough nights but it’s been nothing that we haven’t been able to handle without loosing our marbles. I would be the first to admit if I was struggling purely for the support, but I really feel that it has been easier this time, MUCH easier. I do understand that every baby is so different, I really get that now as Jordan did not have nearly as much chill as Micah does. I also suppose that it is really different the second time around because you know what to expect and you don’t question every noise and every niggle. We have coped so well because you are such a champion my Micah. Really. And so is your brother.

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Winter. Sick kids. Tantrums. Parenting.


Our household has quite honestly been a hot mess for the past 2-3 weeks. This flu is horrific and we have ALL had it. Nic being the last fly to drop. Poor little Micah has had it the worst because, well, he is only two months old. I suppose this comes with the territory of having a toddler in play school bringing home a new bug every week. The kids pass things back and forth to each other and no matter how much the poor teachers beg parents to keep their kids at home when they’re sick, there is no stopping it.

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What to pack in your maternity hospital bag.


Packing a weekend bag can daunting, never mind a hospital bag – the bag you take with you to the one event that will change your life as you know it. In the absolute best possible way if course!

A few readers / friends and Instagram followers have asked me to put together a list of items that one needs to include in their maternity hospital bag. I know most hospitals give you a list but after two kids, there are definitely a few (lots of) additional items that I recommend you bring with you for a comfortable, admin free stay.

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Welcome to our world, little Micah.


Our little Micah. I cannot tell you how happy we are that you’re here. You made your grand entrance into our world at 3:30am on Wednesday the 24th February 2016. It was so incredible seeing a little 3,070kg you for the first time after what felt like a very long wait.

You look so much like your big brother Jordan when he was your age.. but you also don’t. Jordan has been absolutely incredible with you. And not even because we told him what to do or how to be but I think because he genuinely knows that you, little Micah baby, are now a part of our tribe and he really, really loves you. You’re often the first person he asks for when he wakes up or gets collected from school. Jordan cannot walk past you (sleeping in your Moses basket) without giving you a little kiss or a gentle touch on the head. Jordan also LOVES to tell us how ‘whittle’ your nose, eyes, feet, hands and fingers are. And how big his ‘big boy feet’ are in comparison. He is so proud to be your big brother.. You really struck gold in the sibling department there my sweet boy. Jordan adores you.

Micah11 Micah6 Micah4Micah8Micah5 Micah3

You have been on so many outings already, mommy can’t stand cabin fever. You are gaining weight beautifully and have already grown so much in your first 6 weeks of life. You even smiled at me the other day and my mommy heart nearly exploded. You are so strong already and love to stare at mommy while I talk to you or at daddy while he sings to you. You are completely entranced with contrasting colours and love to stare at the white curtains against the black wall in our bedroom. And the white slatted cupboards. Yesterday I even caught you smiling at the cupboards, you funny boy.

Micah2 Micah7Micah9 Micah1

Gosh sweet pea, my little fat man, you are SO loved, by us all. You have brought us all even closer together as a family and we are so excited for all the adventure in our future!

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Our special baby boy’s bedroom x


Our little baby boy is a few days away from making his grand entrance into our world, I can just feel it. Soon we become a family of four!! I wanted to get this post up before that happens because so many of you have been asking about what I am doing to the room and I couldn’t wait to share it. Thank you for your interest and for showing us so much love and support.

Jordan has a traditional nautical bedroom. I wanted to do something very classic for him, it just felt so right. This time around I am really feeling the neutral colours and textures so I decided to do something a little bit more natural and earthy and I love it. For some people, putting so much love and effort into a bedroom might not be a priority and that’s okay. For me it’s so important (read essential) to create a beautiful space for someone I love. A space that feels considered and a space that gives you the happies when you walk in. It truly is one of my favourite things to do. The room is such a peaceful, calming and happy space. I will also be spending so much time in this little munchkins room, feeding, changing etc.. I really wanted a serene space that also makes my heart warm when I walk in.

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My busy life. Toddlers, starting school & the arrival of a new baby.

IMG_0378_2_rGosh but life is busy. Life with a toddler, a pregnancy and a demanding job.. is busy. Hence my silence on the blog. I quite literally have just not had the time or energy to sit down and write between all my work, family and social commitments! I cannot believe that I am already 36 weeks pregnant, barely surviving in this heat. Still very much working and keeping myself occupied. I think that this little boy will be arriving sooner than anticipated. I am not quite sure where the time has gone but I am sure the end of the year / beginning of year madness has something to do with that. CatchUp6 My Pregnancy. In the beginning of this pregnancy I was told that my placenta is positioned very low. I was told this by more than one specialist. The condition is known as Placenta Previa – it happens when you fall pregnant and your placenta attaches in the wrong place. My gynae (Steffi Hinz) told me that she could only really check if my placenta has moved at 36 weeks and most of them do move but you never know. If the placenta has moved, then I can have a normal delivery as I did with Jordan. If it hasn’t moved, I will be booked in for a C-section. Steffi can only really check the position of the placenta properly by doing an internal scan which might aggravate things which will result in me having to birth this baby immediately. BUT we have to check because if the placenta hasn’t moved, going into labour naturally and having contractions could be quite dangerous. Today is my scan, at 12:15pm. In short, this baby boy might be born into the world.. today! I am all kinds or nervous and excited and cannot wait to welcome this little bundle into our lives. I trust Steffi implicitly and know that we couldn’t be in better hands. My special Jordy.

Jordy has never been a particularly great sleeper at all. At the moment this is probably a good thing as we are SO ready for newborn nights. I just cannot believe how time flies when you’re so busy busy busy. I am slowly wrapping my head around having a second baby, the time has just escaped me and I feel like I haven’t had any time to even think much about it or ‘reflect’. Jordan is still my baby and I cannot imagine (at all) what it’s going to be like having two! In the past few weeks I have also become increasingly aware of how little time I have left with my Jords alone.

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